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07-11 сентября 2020. Красноярск. международный конгресс и выставка «Цветные металлы и минералы 2020»
08-11 сентября, Новокузнецк, "Уголь России и майнинг 2020"
Уфа 15-18 сентября 2020. Российский Газонефтехимический форум
Москва 15-17 сентября "Термообработка 2020"
Новосибирск 15-18 сентября  "МashExpo Siberia 2020"
21-23 сентября Санкт-Петербург "Автоматизация 2020"
06-09 октября Санкт-Петербург "РосГазЭкспо 2020"
Head of Department

Irina Zotova

EU +359 876 81 3555

RU +7 965 046 41 44

e-mail: Irinazotova808@gmail.com


About the Magazine "Industry”

The full-color information-analytical magazine “"Industry” was established in 2001. The founder and the publisher of the magazine is LLC “Institute of the Industrial Information”, which employees have more than 15-years operational experience in a publishing area. There are the release of the newspaper “Industry Today”, magazines “Postscriptum-press” and “Industrial Petersburg”. All best specific experiences in area of industrial edition releases were fused into best quality of the magazine “Industry”.

The “Industry” magazine is a dynamically developing project in which the every year adds something new, aiming to meet advertising and information needs of the developing productive forces of the country at a maximum level. The magazine is always open to the Russian and foreign authors of articles in the field of new technologies, progressive technique and automation of production processes, organization and production management, innovations and investments and international cooperation.

The magazine “Industry” is published in Russia of 5 issues per year, with 48-80 pages each.

Format: DIN A4 (214 х 300 mm). Circulation: 8.000–10.000 copies. Coated paper 80 g. Printing: 4+4 colours.

100% target audience is achieved thanks to the free distribution of the magazine on the largest Russian industrial exhibitions, forums and congresses, held in 20 towns, such as Chelyabinsk, Irkutsk, Kazan, Krasnoyarsk, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Omsk, Perm, Rostov-on-Don, Samara, Saratov, St.-Petersburg, Tomsk, Ufa, Volgograd, Voronezh, Yekaterinburg and others). For last years, the magazine was awarded by the diplomas as the Partner on more than 50 International industrial forums and exhibitions awarded.

Headings of the edition are set according to subject of exhibitions, where the specific issue of the magazine is distributed. The most popular themes are: machine building, metallurgy and metalworking, welding and thermal cutting, laser engineering and technologies, power and thermal power engineering, hydraulics and pneumatics, compressor and pumping equipment, drive systems, information technology and automation, electrical and instrument engineering, innovation and investment, resource and environment and others.

Our Readers and Advertisers

Readers of the “Industry” magazine are managers, directors, experts and senior specialists of industrial enterprises and scientific and research organizations - the persons evaluating prospects of new technologies and equipment, represented on pages of the magazine, and making decisions on implementation of these technologies/ equipment in the industrial plants.

Each issue of the magazine contains the author's materials and interview with directors of the scientific and industrial enterprises in various industries, representation of progressive technologies and equipment, offers of the enterprises and organizations from various regions of Russia and foreign countries on supplements of wide range of the production having scientific and technical purpose.

Such a wide information platform attracts attention of the advertisers promoting their products and services, and searching business partners successfully via the “Industry” magazine. 87 % of these advertisers are old partners of the magazine that make decisions on placing their advertisements beforehand in the subsequent journal releases. Usually only 13 % of the advertisers use magazine for the first time - that is caused by specifics of exhibition actions during that the issue is distributed.

Information materials of more than 500 industrial enterprises and scientific research institutions of Russia and foreign countries (Belarus, Germany, China, Finland, Japan, Poland, Taiwan, USA, Ukraine) were published on the pages of the “Industry” magazine over the last year. Each issue of the magazine contains advertising materials of more than 100 enterprises and organizations from various regions of Russia and foreign countries. The majority of our advertisers have already appreciated our advantages in your practice. Among our constant Clients such known companies as Alfing, BAUER KOMPRESSOREN, BALLUFF, EXTRUDE HONE, EMCO, Heidenhain, HKin.com, Kennametal, Lechler, Loeser, matec, Mikron, MALUCHA, NORD, Pee-Wee, PETROFER, Raziol, REG AG, RUD, Samag, Sodick, Supfina, YLM, Delta-Test, Group of companies "Cezar", CINTO, Micar, factory "Reduktor", machine-tool factory "MZOR"», LOMO, Institute of chemistry of silicates and many others.

Advertising articles and reports of the German Companies regularly published in the last numbers of the magazine - founders of technologies of metal working, metal removal machine tools and tools: Boehringer, DIEFFENBACHER, Dress, EMAG, Flow, Fraunhofer Institut Werkzeugmaschinen and Umformtechnik, Gleason Sales, GSW, GROB, Guethle, Handtmann, Heller, Honsberg, Honenstein, KAPP, Karnasch, Klingelnberg, Liebherr, MIKROSA, Mueller Weingarten, NILLES, Overbeck, Sachsen Automotive, SCHULER, StarragHeckert, Streicher, Zimmermann, Wolf and others - have raised the interested feedback of readers. The magazine publishes constantly advertising articles about German professional exhibitions ЕМО, METAV, EuroMold, АМВ and others that find in Russia their new potential exhibitors and visitors.

Dear colleagues!

We are ready to familiarize our Readers with your new development, successes and achievements also! Our magazine “Industry” - the project developed by us every year adding new fields aiming in the maximal degree to met advertising and information needs of the Russian industry. The publication of advertising in the inter-branch information-analytical magazine “Industry” will allow you to expansion of markets for products and technologies, involve new clients and potential partners, solving the problem of a complete set of production, promotion of advanced technologies and designs of industrial equipment, helps to make more recognizable brand of your company.

We will be glad to see your advertisement in our magazine, and we hope we can help your company be the first here, in Russia! You can see in attachment the list of exhibitions and cities, where the magazine will be distributed.

Advertising format (width x height) mm and cost of placement of advertising materials in the magazine “Industry”:

If you need a special place - you have to book it beforehand.

Cover: I - 1920, II - 1530, III - 1150, IV - 1750 euro

1/1 (A4) - 220x306 / 190x270 - 1090 euro;

1/2 (A5) - 93x270 / 190x130 - 620 euro;

1/4 (A6) - 93x130 / 190X63 - 360 euro;


Application for advertisement:

Advertiser Firm Name: ________

Phone/Fax: _________________

Country/City/State/Zip: ________

E-mail: ___________________

Director ________________

Date signed ______________

Stamp _________________

Payment can be done all at once or pay for each publication for 2 weeks before the date of publication.

It is agreed in the contract.

Manufacturing module is included in the advertisement, but the translation of the text - is paid. True, it's not expensive. We receive materials by e-mail. One page contains about 7000 signs.

DISCOUNTS: 2 publications – 5 %. Three and more – 10 %. If you give ad in 4 issues - advertising in the fifth issue - published free of charge - get 20 % discount of the total.

Respectfully yours, the editorial office of the magazine.

E-mail: info@industri.ru

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